Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Elizabeth Willis Barrett.........November 20, 2012

To those of you who have been faithful followers of my blog--I thank you profusely.  You have helped make me a writer--something I have wanted since I first learned to read the words,  “See Jane.  See Jane Run.”  For too many years I have let other life happenings take top priority and the joy of writing has followed behind, wagging its tail and waiting for its turn.  This blog has pulled my writing from behind and set it squarely in front of me.  I now have reason to organize the words that rattle around inside my head and a place to put them.  

I am changing my blog address a bit so I wanted you to know because it really, really matters to me that you visit my blog often.  The new address is theotherelizabethbarrett.wordpress.com.  Not that Blogspot isn’t a great blogging site, but because I think if I do what I need to do, I can reach more people using Wordpress.  So please, PLEASE, PLEASE go to the new site and become a follower over there!

I have challenged myself to post a new essay every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That is a lot of writing for me but like they say, “If you want to become a writer, you have to write!”  I have a lot to say and so little time to say it in that a post once or twice a month was just not getting it out fast enough.  I’ve got to step it up.  I love your comments and your friendship.  I am very lucky to have you.  Thanks!

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